Saturday, February 11, 2012

Motorola WiMax CPEi25725: DMZ and Port Forwarding

If you are using Motorola WiMax CPEi25725 modem, your default gateway is probably Now, here are the steps on how to Port Forward on you modem.
  1. Open a browser, type on the url address bar.
  2. Type motorola for password.
  3. On the upper right side, click Port Forwarding.
  4. If you only have one device behind the router, use DMZ or else, click Forwarding for you to add devices.
  5. For DMZ, Type in the IP address of the device you want to access from the internet. 
  6. Click Apply.
  7. For Forwarding, Click radio button for Select.
  8. Choose TCP.
  9. Enter Start - End WAN Port.
  10. Enter IP Address.
  11. Enter Start - End LAN Port.
  12. Click Enabled.
  13. Click Add, and then Apply to save your configurations.

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