Wednesday, September 07, 2011

How to setup access point routers using your Wi-Tribe modem?

Want to share your internet access to others using your Wi-Tribe 4G and yet enjoying wi-fi connectivity? Here is a tutorial on how to setup routers for your wi-tribe.We will use your router as an access point for the wi-tribe modem.In this setup, The wi-tribe will be the one to provide ip addresses and the router will be used as a wireless connection point.Thus, if you have to port forward any ip address, you have to put it on the Port Forward setting of your modem.
  1. First, configure your router.Setup all the settings needed.Like, Wireless Settings(SSID, Wireless Channel) and Wireless Security(Pass-key).
  2. Disable Use Router as DHCP Server in LAN Setup if you are using Neatgear JWNR2000. Now, in this portion, disabling dhcp server depends on your router.Like, for DLink DIR-600, you just have to enable Access Point Mode and thats it.
  3. For other routers, Read your routers' manual on how to disable dhcp server or to have them as access points.
  4. Connect the patch cable of your modem to any of the Four(4) Ports of the router.and if you are wired, just connect your cable to other three ports that was left and wait until you are connected.
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