Sunday, July 31, 2011

HUAWEI ECHOLIFE BM622 WIMAX CPE: Unlock Admin Settings

If you are using Globe Wimax, probably your modem/router model is huawei echolife bm622 wimax cpe and your local ip is
Now, if you access the router, you'll find out that the settings are limited, like there is no advance setting and others. Here are the procedure to unlock admin settings of globe wimax:
  1. Open up web browser and type on the address bar:, and for the username: user and password: user
  2. After you logged in, open another tab and copy and paste this on the address bar:
  3. Account Settings will appear, Right-click and select view source code
  4. In column 22, you'll find the username and password.
  5. Copy the username and password, and use that to unlock the admin settings on your globe wimax.
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